How To Use Windows 10 On Mac

Windows is yet another popular Operating System after MAC OS. There are a lot of people using MAC OS and some of them are still not able to forget about their Windows PC experience. Windows is just amazing, you can do anything on it either it is coding, editing or even playing games Windows is best at all and Therefore, it’s the reason behind why people want to use Windows 10 On Mac. One of the reason might be it’s the latest and last update of Windows or else for any special kind of purpose. Anything it could but have you ever thought how actually these OS works?

Probably not. Even I never did and no one actually cares how these operating system works but all we know is the output. Leave this, Coming to point is If you want to Use Windows On Mac. Probably you yourself have to install it and might face any issue while boot Therefore, that point will be a very difficult point for us. Apart from this to know How To Use Windows 10 On Mac safely without causing any damage to your MAC and data? Make sure to read our Guide on How To Use Windows 10 On Mac till the end.

Some Important Things

Before we proceed to Download and Use Windows 10 On Mac please make sure the following things :

  • Must have all the software drivers installed on your Mac, I mean all must be up to date.
  • You should have an working internet connection. Sometimes there might be some crashes or anything like that for easy tutorial must check to have internet connection while installing windows.
  • One of the most important thing that your Mac should have atleast 2 GB Of Ram. Many Old Macbook (before 2007) only have 1 GB Ram which doesn’t support installing both the OS at once as your MAC might become stable and all it just ends.
  • You will also require an 16 GB Bootable Pendrive to copy the ISO File. This is “IF” required.

How To Use Windows 10 On Mac

Before we start the Guide. It is important to Backup our data on Mac just to make sure if Mac is formatted you still have the Backup. To Backup and install Windows On Mac follow the procedure and steps given below, respectively.

Before starting make sure to Download Windows 10 from here.

First, You will be required to open Boot Camp on your Mac. You can find it in Utilities Folder in Application List. Now, this would make a popup where it will be asking to Backup your Macbook Data? Yes, Ofcourse. Click on Next, Now you will see some tasks from which you need to select the required ones, it is recommended to select all the boxes to save the maximum data it can do. Now, click Continue for next step. Now, select the ISO File Location and Boot Location as the Pendrive you inserted earlier and click continue. Now, Bootcamp will create the Boot Drive with Windows with all the necessary drivers.

As soon as Bootcamp completes the Booting process it will ask you for the drive partition. This is the main part, if you are downloading windows for work purpose you should give it 30 GB disk or else you can also use the whole disk left by Mac OS. After Partition click on the the drive which you create to install Windows on. Now, select this file and click Install.

Note : Under Installation process your macbook will Turn On/Off several times just to make sure the installation of Windows properly with Mac OS.


This was an basic Guide on How To Use Windows 10 On Mac. It is recommended to Download the ISO file from the official Windows Store and make sure you download the ISO For Windows 10 and not for Windows 10 Update.

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